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Short stories

A selfish pig



Zomi, Roz and Neel were playing at the park. Suddently Roz fell down from the slide , while Zomi ran towards her mom. But Neel helped Roz to stand up and dust the mud from her dress. As Zomi’s mother was watching everything, Asked Zomi
” Why did not help Roz when she fell down?”
Zomi said in her soft tone
” I was scared that I may fall too”
mom said “ok let me narrate a story”.
Zomi noded her head excitedly.
Once upon a time, There were three pigs named as Pom, Tor and Loz. They  were best friends , were staying close to each other.
Pom and Tor cared for everyone, But Loz was very selfish.
Everyday they will leave home in the morning  , hey will walk over hills, through forest till the sunset and then will return home.
One day as usual three pigs left the home in the morning, They decided to take different path than usual. They Walked and walked, Over the hills, Soon they reached to a deep and dark forest. They walked further on the same path which was leading to the edge of forest.
They suddenly heard a scary noises in the grass,near clump of trees. There was a wolf, staring at them as ready to attack at any moment.The wolf had rosy visions of a delicious meal as 3 pigs would make his stomach full for whole week.
Pom immediately said in his trembling voice” we don’t have any option to escape from here, Let’s fight . Unity is our strength”.
Tor agreed obediently, But Loz said ” I dont want to die by a wolf”, then he ran and disappeared into darkest and deepest forest leaving his friends behind.
Pom and Tor immediately took a sharp rocky stone which was on the ground.As the wolf jumped on them, they both attacked the wolf with their weapon. In matter of time the wolf was on the ground, in pool of boold, screaming loudly in pain and unable to move.
And Pom and Tor ran towards their home victoriously. As they were walking , they heard Loz’s sound. They immediately moved towards the sound. They spotted Loz who was laying on the ground , was attacked by the another wolf . Loz was bleeding helplessly, while the wolf was ready to bounce on him to take his last breath. Pom and Tor swiftly stormed towards the wolf and stabbed him with a rocky stone . Thus saved Loz’s life.  Loz was ashamed of his action and apologized to both .
Then they three lived happily, caring selflessly as friendship is selfless love.
Zomi’s mom then said ” Just now you acted like Loz who just ran away when friend was in need “
Zomi said ” I understand mom, I will apologize to Roz now”
Zomi then ran towards Roz and apologized for her mistake .

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