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Short stories

Typical husband and wife



Aman and Asin are typical husband and wife. Some days they will be lovebirds, Some days tom and jerry, some days strangers.
But they cannot live without each other.

One day Aman’s friend, Vinod arrived at their house, unfortunately, Aman and Asin were in stranger mode.
In a stranger mode, they won’t speak to each other.

” I liked your wallpaper, ” Vinod said looking at the brick style stone wallpaper in the living room.
“Of course, This is one of the best wallpaper from Amazon, It had got a very good rating,” Asin said, excitement was flowing up and down on her face.

” What good you can see on this? This is the same wallpaper which we can see in many places ” Aman said to Vinod.
Soon Asin and Aman entered into tom& jerry mode.
” where and all you have seen this wallpaper, list them, I l go and check there ” Asin’s voice rose, anger filled.

They forgot about the Vinod, the words exploded from both the side. But their thoughts were mutually stuck in one thing – Win this argument.

Vinod excused himself as he got the phone call. He returned after 15 minutes.

The atmosphere was very calm. Because aggressive Asin and Aman were turned to lovebirds now.
“I am thinking to purchase the same wallpaper for my house too,” Vinod said, mocking them.

” It won’t look good all the time, It might be common also” Asin stated.

” No, You can go for it, In fact, It’s the best selection, Your family will like it,” Aman said with a wide smile.

Now, who had won the argument, Aman or Asin?

Husband and wife’s arguments are ranked in the top five as an entertainment but unfortunately, viewers are left with no climax. Only they know what is the exact reason for their argument and who is the winner!!!.


We fight,
More and more,
the words will flow down
in the form of rain from the cloud,
Nobody knows when it will end, even us.
But it will moisture our heart, with love again.
At the end we will say ‘ I love you’
followed by hug and kiss.



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