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Short stories

The Real Man



    “Esha, you should have a man to support you.” My mom said. Sometimes I feel she would get her daily dose of vitamin after saying this dialogue to me.
    “I don’t think so, I am enough for me.” My cold eyes turned to her.
    “It’s been 5 years,  I think it’s high time for you to move on.” Mom’s voice sounded low. After all, she is a mother and concerned for her daughter.
    “I will never forget him after 50 years also. His memories are enough for me to live till my death.”
    “Esha… mom is telling for your good. ” Dad interfered.
   “I know, but I am sorry.” I walked to my room and closed the door.
    As I flopped on my bed, a tear dropped to the pillow.  I closed my eyes tightly, tears rolled down on my cheeks.
    ‘I miss you very much, Samar.’ My heart hissed. I was with him only for a year as his wife. It was an arranged marriage. But we both had a magical connection with each other,  I had a heavenly life with him. The happiness I felt was above the cloud, more than a normal human can have. And I never knew that my heavenly life would turn to hell and the rest of the years, my life would be flooded in my tears.
    My dream world shattered when I heard the news of his death – Samar’s car met with an accident and he is no more, that day was the last day of my happiness.
   “Don’t you want to go to the office?”  my sister, Sara asked. It was nine in the morning, and I was still on my bed.
   “I am on leave,” I answered.
    “Mom is very sad, and I think you should move on.”
   “I can’t get over him.”
   “You will when you give a try.”
    I was silent. She was right, I never tried to move on. I was stuck in my past.
   “Is it okay if I register your profile on matrimonial site.”  She asked and I was silent for a few minutes.
   “Okay,” I replied.
     Sara arranged my first blind-date with some guy whom she found on the matrimonial site. Now we are in the cafe.
   “Hi, I am Karthik.” He introduced.
   “I am Esha.” We greeted each other and had a bit of general conversation.
    “Are you a shy type?”
    “I could make out from your body movements.”
    “Okay, “
    “Nice to meet you, I am interested to meet bold girls. Last time I got divorced because I could not adjust with a shy lady.” He said and left the cafe.
    The second meeting, an average looking guy, introduced himself as Shlok.
   “Hi, I want my wife to be a housewife,” he said.
   “I want to be a working wife.”
   “No, then it’s not required to take further.” He said and left.
   “I tried mom, it’s not happening, don’t compel me anymore,” I grumbled to mom after reaching home.
    Mom smiled, ” You will find the right person, it’s the biggest decision of your life, so you need to work a bit hard. When you find the one whose feeling is mutual and then the effort will be equal,” She continued, “Your man should be your supporting system, and he should not be the one who cuts your wings and shatters your dreams.”
    It’s ok to wait for the right one until you find the right one. Don’t bend your head so easily, fight for the thing until you get it.
     Don’t rush into relationships because a wrong person will make your life hell. Don’t rush into something you want to last forever.
    When you met your partner, there would be an immediate “chemistry”, chemistry that will make you feel relaxed and happy in his company and he would feel the same.
    If you are not sure take more time.  And if you are still not sure to take even longer.  And then also if you aren’t sure to walk away – you are probably not right for each other if you cannot decide after all this time.
    Best partner is always a great lover, friend and roommate.

The real man,
Whom you will meet
Accidently or purposely
But the magic chemistry will flow
In between,
Eyes would understand the unsaid words,
And the heart will murmur, ‘He is the one.’
No change required, no filter required.
Need him just the way he is.
Need her just the way she is.
And love blossoms, unconditionally.