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Short stories

SHE IS ‘that type’ GIRL



” Today, I am very happy, Today is the most important day of my life, I feel proud of myself. Finally, My dream came true.” I said proudly as my eyes travelled through my newly inaugurated supermarket.

“Today, your wish got fulfilled, Now its time for you to fulfil my wish, Vivan,” My mom said in a reasonable voice.

“What’s your wish?” I asked, raising my left eyebrow.
“I want to see your marriage.” Mom said.
“Even I am too eagerly waiting for this,” my sister, Adhiti said.

“Ok, done, Get into my car, I want to show something to you both,” I said as I led them to the car.


” Can you see the girl who is in green kurta? I like that girl.” I said, pointing at a girl who was standing on the bus stop.

” I know that girl, wait, ” Adhiti said as she unlocked her phone.
My eyes fixed on my sister’s mobile.
” She is already married, I had been to her marriage in last week,” Adhiti said calmly, but her words curled around my heart.

From last 2 years, I had been very regular to the bus stop like an 8.30 am a bus, much punctual than the bus. But I never confessed my love to her as I want to confess on the day of my shop inauguration.


After a few days,

” Do you have Milkmaid here? ” A pleasant female voice raised.
“Yes.” I looked up as I answered.

Suddenly my face froze as I stared at the girl standing in front of me, It was the same bus stop girl, because of whom I hate all the bus stops now.

” When you got a new shop, you don’t have time for me right?” She asked with a sheepish smile as she took the bill in her hand after the payment. I did not respond. She turned and gave the same sheepish smile while going.
” Dude, She is that type girl.”  My friend, Jay stated with a slight frown.
“Which type?” I asked with a hint of confusion.
” That type, After marriage. ” Jay winked and mouthed something.
I growled.


Next day,  The same girl came again and bought a tin of Milkmaid.

” I get late to the college when I come here every day in the morning,” she said with a same sheepish smile. I just handed over her bill without responding.
“Why don’t you come to the bus stop nowadays?” She asked in her calm voice that felt like velvet caressing my soul.

I did not answer anything as her marriage pic ran in my mind.
” I am sure she is that type girl,” Jay gritted his teeth.

‘ But why does she buy Milkmaid every day? Does she consume every day a tin of Milkmaid? Is it healthy?’   Some random questions raised in my head.

Few days passed, every day she would come and buy a tin of Milkmaid with her signature sheepish smile.


Next day, She came with her husband and bought some random stuff. She did not give her signature sheepish smile, she acted like she does n’t know me in front of her husband. Sad and frustration gripped my heart which showed on my face as well.

” Do I need to block her from coming to this shop from tomorrow onwards?” Jay asked with a concern as he understood my pain.

” I am not feeling well, You take care of the shop, I am going home,” I said as I walked out.

Next day, She came again, alone. She bought a tin of Milkmaid.

‘ If she comes alone, It’s a loss for us, She buys only the Milkmaid, We should ask her to come with her husband, profit-wise that’s good for our shop.” Jay muttered, I looked at him angrily.

” What’s your phone number?” She asked with the same sheepish smile.

I did not answer as my anger was boiling inside, I just billed her item and handed the bill.

“I don’t think you will ask for my number, So I asked. Somebody should push the door first.” She said with a mischevious glint in her eyes.

I lost my control.

” You already have your husband, then why do you need my number?, I know you are that type woman, but I don’t want to be that type man,  So don’t ever come to my shop, get lost,” I shouted loudly, my voice startled all the customers in the shop.  She did not utter anything,  But her eyes were filled with tears. She ran away from the shop, embarrassed and cried.


Days passed, Since then She has not come to shop.One day her husband walked into the shop.

” Do you have recharge service here?” he asked.

” Yes,” I nodded.
” Liya..” He turned and called out a name loudly,

The same bus stop girl walked in, My gaze fixed on her face as I have not seen her from last few days.

” Tell your number,  They have recharge service.” He said to her.

‘Doesn’t he know his own wife’s mobile number? what a pity.’ my thoughts pitied him.

“Do you have Milkmaid here? ” He asked.
I looked at our Milkmaid customer, But she was looking away.
I wanted to say to him that she is our Milkmaid customer.

” Yes,” I said.
” Jiya ” He turned and called out loudly.

The same bus stop girl walked in, I looked at the girl who is inside the shop, She also looked the same. I switched my eyes between them, dazed and shocked.

” Haha, Don’t get confused, They are identical twins.” Husband said with a chuckle seeing my switching eyes.

” This is my wife, And this is my wife’s sister.” He introduced them, then he walked to the Milkmaid section. His wife followed him. I grinned, a victorious grin.

” Don’t you want Milkmaid?” I asked Liya as I leaned towards her.

” I don’t buy Milkmaids now.” She replied curtly.

” Its ok, I will give the Milkmaid daily to the bus stop with free of cost.” I grinned.
She slightly laughed.


” Dude, She is that type girl.” Jay commented when Liya left.

I threw my burning fury rays at him.      “I mean good type.” He winked.

I laughed.

Love has no type,

It’s always on hype,

‘Love is blind ‘ is a stereotype,

It’s the only thing on the earth with no prototype,

Which keeps both the hearts always on swipe.