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Short stories

Say ‘NO’



“Please do it for me, will you?” Saina pleaded to me. I don’t say ‘no’ to her, in fact, I don’t know how to say ‘no’ to her, whatever it might be. She knows it, and she utilizes it for her own benefits. The number of her demands are increasing day by day. Now she wanted me to be present on her night shift for a week to which I agreed instantly. I will do anything for her.

“Riyan, why don’t you understand she is using you? She has a secret boyfriend.” My colleague, Vinay said. Even I knew that she has a secret boyfriend. But still, I loved her. It’s been 1 year I am secretly loving her. I am not a shy guy, but I don’t have guts to confess my love to her.

“From tomorrow onwards, I will be on night duty,” I said to Vinay.

“You are a loser.” Vinay barked.

‘I am happy to be a loser for her.’ My heart murmured.

Next day, I have reached office at 7 PM and it’s just starting to get dark outside.
The benefits of my night shift brought a smile on my face, less work and no manager to bother me. All I need to do is –  need to give support to our international clients if they face any issues.

I got a first video call from Sinhan Group, one of our new client. I accepted the call. A gorgeous lady smiling on the opposite side,

“Hi, I am Madhia.” She introduced herself with a sunshine smile.

“Hi, I am Riyan, How can I help you?” I asked. She went on saying her current issues.

She was wearing a wide-necked sweater. She had chestnut brown hair with blonde highlights. I doubted whether she is an Indian because of the colour of her skin and hair.

“Are you… Indian? I asked.

“Yes, I am an Indian.” She chuckled, ” and I am born and brought up everything in UK,  but I love Indian people more, and I will marry only an Indian guy.”

“Oh that’s great, how’s UK? ” I asked. Then she kept on speaking continuously about UK, unstoppable. I listened to her very attentively. Now work-topics is moved to the general topics.

“You speaks a lot,” I complimented her.

“Yes, I am known as talkative, my friends nicknamed me as a ‘mouthy’.” she laughed, I too passed small giggles in response. At the end, we both exchanged our mobile number. In rest of my night shifts, we both talked a lot about everything. One week has passed quickly and my night shifts finished.

“Good morning, Riyan. I missed you a lot.” Saina said.

“Good morning Saina,” I gave her a wide smile, because of her I got a new friend, Madhia.

“You look very happy, what the reason?” She asked. I gave her a silent smile and moved to my desk.

“Hey, Riyan, I had enquired about Saina’s boyfriend. His name is Rishab, Working in some IT company. So please, from today onwards don’t get into any of her trap. I am telling this for your good. If you don’t listen to my words, I will resign.” Vinay gave a warning with a furious look.

“Why do you hate her so much?” I asked him.

“Because she is using my friend,” he said.

After some time, Saina came to my desk, she was nervous and tensed.

“Can you please help me to make the report  of Sinhan group, they are in our office, need to submit in an hour.” she said. I turned in a shock, ‘ Sinhan group in our office?’ I could not believe. I turned to see them. I saw her, Madhia, coming towards me.

“Gorgeous.” I muttered. Hearing my words, Vinay and Saina turned to her.
She came and embraced me in a hug. I was totally in a panic situation, unexpected.

“Hi Riyan, did you like my surprise?” Madhia asked.

“I am about to have a panic attack now,” I said. She laughed loudly for my joke. All of my colleagues were stunned and looked in our direction.

“So will you be free for me in the afternoon?” She asked.

“Of course, I will.” I beamed with happiness.

“Our first date.” She said and walked back. I blushed.

“When did it all happen? she is a UK citizen and very pretty, Omg!! How?How??” Vinay blabbered in amused expression.

“I will tell you my entire story,” I tapped on his shoulder to relax him.

I turned to Saina, “Sorry, I am not free. I can’t do your reports.” For the first time, I said ‘no’ to her. A harmless ‘no’ is always required in our life, we should use it timely when we feel that people are taking advantage of our generosity and kindness.


We are kind,

Sometimes blind,

And somebody will grind

From our behind

So we need to tune our  mind

To tell ‘No’.