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Short stories

Problems and solutions



  “I have a pimple on my cheeks, I look ugly,” I grumbled looking at the mirror.

“Aylin, I am finished. Oh God, I am finished.” My brother, Zaan entered my room, screaming out loudly.


“I got 56 marks in physics.”


“I expected 86.”

“Get lost, tell a home-remedy for my pimple. It should disappear by tomorrow morning.”

“Pop the pimple with a knife, silly matter.
I am tensed about my topper- position now, I am sure Rihal will snatch it this time.”

“You will slip into 5th position, see. mark my words.” I clenched my jaw tight, letting out a frustrated groan.

“You….. Then your face will have full of pimples just like your friend, Anjali’s face.” He cursed me in a blink of time and stormed out of my room in frustration.


We are sitting around the table for dinner.

“Today also, my maid did not come, how will I finish all these works?” Mom said as she swallowed a big glass of water in barely a minute.

“We will search for another maid,” I gave an instant solution for her problem.

“Maids are the most difficult one to find here.” Mom replied.

“Lots of work in the office, if I sit for 12 hours also, I can’t finish all.” Dad started to list his office problem.

“Dad…you are forgetting house rule. Don’t discuss works issues during the meal.” Zaan reminded him.

“All have problems, mom has a problem with the maid, and dad has a problem in the office, Zaan has problem with his topper position.. and.” Zaan cut me out.

“And you have a problem with your silly pimples.”
Everyone laughed.

“It’s not a silly pimple.” I barked angrily.

“But do you know, when we have problems, at the same time we will have solutions as well.” Mom continued,
“when you compare your pimple with an acid attack survivors, you will feel blessed. Am I right?” Mom raised her left eyebrow and shifted her eyes from me to Zaan.

“If you won all the time, then what’s the thrill? Learn to accept failure as well. Failures always happen to teach you some lesson and eventually it will take you to your destination. So failure must happen in life, and problems will come and go like a guest.” 


Everyone will think their problem is very big as they focus more on it, it gets bigger inch by inch, causing to burst in your heart and will result in heart-ache. If there is a problem, there is a solution as well. 


Every problem will make some noise,
Every noise will have peace,

The problem can be big or small,

According to your perspective,

The more you focus,
It becomes infective,
It gets bigger,
You just need to pull the solution-trigger,
To let life go on a scroll,
Under your control,
To view your peaceful soul,
In any role.

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