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Short stories

Penguins and leopard




Brother penguin and sister penguin were playing together, making louder noise as they talk with each other, moving their body.
When sister expressed her desire to dive in an ocean and catch some fish, Brother penguin cut her off as its dangerous to go to ocean only by themself and reminded their mom’s words ” There is a big leopard in an ocean, So Don’t ever go there alone”.
But sister was adamant and she started to walk towards an ocean by herself. Brother followed her as he left with no choice.
As they reached an ocean, They both swam underwater and played alot forgetting about leopard.
Bro penguin caught a crab, But sister penguin snatched it from bro’s hand and swallowed immediately.
Bro was annoyed, He slaped her as anger was flaring up.
Immediately they both slaped each other viciously and repeatedly. Blood was drawn quickly as they both used their beak to attack .
They were laying down with no energy, They saw something moving , coming towards them. it was a leopard.
Fright plastered on their face , But they were helpless as they had no energy to run away. Leopard opened mouth displaying its razor sharp teeth and ate both the penguins.
Moral :  As a child you are inexperienced, and insecured. Parents are the most trustworthy source of advice as they want to secure you always. Obey to your parents always.

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