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Short stories

No one is perfect in this world



” I have told you already not to touch my things” Sandra stormed towards her roommate Naina, anger flashed in her eyes.
“Bye, I am vacating the room tomorrow, I can’t handle your behaviour” Naina snapped.

Next day
” We cannot blame Naine here, 6 Girls already changed your room within a year, because of your behaviour ” hostel warden stated.
Naina knows that she has some problem,
Naina already self-realised a fluctuation in herself from irritability to extreme sadness to an angry outburst.
Her mood swings faster than flipping a page.
‘But what if I consult a psychiatrist, But
Being unmarried, It will remain as a black mark on my marriage profile, What if I don’t consult, My divorce will happen within a month’ Her mind wandered in thoughts.

Finally, She decided to consult the doctor.

” You already have an untreated depression, Now one more partner joined called mood swings, They both together trying to put you down” Hilarious doctor laughed.
“Did you notice that you are being switched from extremely happy to extremely depressed on a regular basis?” Doctor asked.
” Yes, My behaviour is unpredictable.
I feel grumpy one minute and happy the next.
Nowadays I feel like to end my life.” Sandra said, sadness lacing in her tone.

The doctor understood the depth of her problems and started treatment.

She followed him blindly as she just wants to kill the devil settled in herself in the form of depression and mood swings.

After a month,

A new roommate joined her, Monisha. Sandra had never screamed at her. Sandra was been always sweet to her. Sandra felt happy inside- Normal happy. It was a sign of her recovery. But Monisha’s behaviour towards Sandra was rude, Same like how Sandra used to be before her treatment. Sandra could see her own reflection in Monisha. Sandra realised how horrified she was before.
But Sandra never changed the room and always treated Monisha the best way possible.
Soon they became friends. Sandra shared her mood swings story with Monisha. Monisha realised her problem.

No one is perfect in this world, Everyone will have their own problem, if anyone outburst with anger, they need your love, You can treat them with love.


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