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Short stories

Love makes the imposiible things possible.



Rahul’s heart was broken 4-6 times, To heal his heart,he will bury himself in the books. So he had a deep understanding of love and how different types of attraction works.
When he reached the 4th year of his engineering, he started to give free advice to the students whose heart was broken. The students loved his style of advice which had always helped them to maintain a good relationship with their partner. Soon he had been called as ‘love guru’ in the college.
One day Aman approached love guru.
” I still love her, My iPhone, laptop and iPad are full of her photos and videos. But 2 days ago, she came and told that it’s over. She is like our canteen Hyderabadi biriyani which I will never ever get fed up. And my heart always jumps at the throat whenever I see her, in the same way when I see our canteen Hyderabadi biriyani”
“Why did she break up with you?”
” I forgot to wish her on her birthday,”
” Why did you forget?”
“I was learning how to cook Hyderabadi biriyani on that day and time flew like a puff of smoke”
“ok, tomorrow you bring her here”
” Ok, Il surely treat you with unlimited Biriyani once I patch up with Maddie”

” I hate biriyani, Especially Hyderabadi biriyani, I love only plain rice which I can convert into any form such as pulav, fried rice, ghee rice etc as per my wish, ” Love guru said with a smirk.****Next day

Maddie approached the love guru.

Love guru: Why did you break up with aman?
Maddie: I am the youngest daughter of my parents, The most pampered one in my family. As you can see, I am a very simple girl.
In the first year, I met aman in the canteen, He was with his friends, sipping his coffee and dressed in blue shirt and black jeans.
Love guru: You come to the point, Why did you break up with him? Love tried to cut her off.
Maddie: ………….. she exaggerated things for another half an hour.
love guru: Please come to the point, why did you break up with him ? he yawned.
Maddie:……….. continued to add a comma, full stop, space and exclamation in her story.

Love guru yawned, frowned, groaned, stretched his arms, stared at the ceiling, studied her thoroughly and cut her off.

” Do one thing, You list all the reasons behind your break up on the paper and give it to me tomorrow,”  he said calmly.

Aman banged into the room.

“Maddie, I want to know why did you break up with me?” Aman demanded, glancing deeply into her eyes.

” Do you know when did I break up with you? “she asked.

” On your birthday night,” Aman said dubiously.

” No, When was the last time I liked your facebook post and commented on WhatsApp status?” She threw her next question.

” I don’t know” He stammered.

” On July 18th at 1:30 post which you captioned as studying hard for the exam, After that I neither liked any of your posts nor checked your WhatsApp status because I was mentally broken up with you” She snapped.


Next day, Maddie handed over the stapled paper sheets to the love guru.
” What is this? ” Love guru asked, flipping the pages.
” List of the reasons,” She said calmly.
” How many pages” He exclaimed.
“Around 250 pages,” She replied, causing his eyes to pop out.

Aman entered the room.

” Baby, what happened to your eyes? why it’s puffy and swollen?” He asked.

” Don’t ‘baby’ me, I am not your girlfriend, I was writing the whole night, So did not sleep,” She yawned.

“What were you writing, Baby? ” He asked.

Love guru placed the stapled paper sheets on his hand.
” She was writing a novel, titled as ‘ 1001 reasons behind my break up with aman’, just 250 pages!! read it by yourself,”  Love guru snapped.

“Baby, I will read all these pages today itself and from tomorrow onwards, you will see a new Aman” Aman said in promising tone.

If she can write 250 pages by a night, of course, he can read it too.
Nothing is impossible when you are in love.
              Break up
Biriyani is kept outside,
Bacteria multiplied just like your reasons,
my heart is lost,
My heart pounds,
my heart jerks,
My heart aches,
My heart cries,
silently, taste is bitter,
But I eat it with no choice.
I love her, more than
Hyderabadi biriyani
and ready to give up
my biriyani for her.
I want her,
I miss her,
I crave for her unstoppable talk,
I want her twinkling eyes to melt in my love,
I wanna tell her, for the last time
that I gave up my Hyderabadi biriyani
for her forever.
And I love her more than my biriyani.

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