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Short stories

Last Moon Night



       Jessica hurriedly loaded her books into the bag and left the classroom.
” Hey, Jessica,  I am also coming, wait for me.” a voice raised from her behind, She knew it’s Liyan. So she increased her pace. She knew that if she saw his face, She would lose her control.
” Oh Jessica, You are already home!!” Mom exclaimed. But Jessica did not respond to her mom and she just headed to her bedroom.
” Jessica, Are you not going to party?
Liyan and Eliza are waiting outside.” Mom said as she pulled Jessica’s blanket.
As she heard their name, Jessica’s sleepy eyes became wider as of her room clock.
Jessica opened her window and sneaked out to see them. She could see them standing near their car, then her gaze turned to the bright moon at the sky.
Her phone rang, It was Liyan.
” Hello, I l be down in 5 minutes,” Jessica said and hung the call without waiting for his response.
She quickly changed her dress into a very beautiful red dress.
‘ Red is a symbol of love, And also its colour of Blood.’ She smirked as she looked herself in the mirror.
” Mom, I love you very much, I am gonna miss you,” Jessica said as she hugged her mom.
“You look like a princess in red,” Her mom said as she released Jessica from her tight hug and scanned her princess from head to toe.
” Why my princess is crying?” Mom wondered to see the tears in Jessica’s eyes, Because Jessica is like a rock, never melts in tears.
” New eyeliner wets my eyes always.” Jessica lied as she wiped the tears from the right corner of her eyes.
“Jessica, Did you forget about the party tonight?” Eliza asked as she slid into the car.
” I was not feeling well, So I took a small nap.” Jessica said as she looked out through the window, Her house is not visible now. Because Liyan drives fast. And She loves his driving more than her dad’s driving.
” I asked you to wait for me in the school while leaving,  But you did not respond,” Liyan said.
” I did not hear.” Jessica lied.
” We reached soon,  Its just 7.30 pm, I think no one would be there now,” Liyan said as he parked his car at the parking lot.
      As they moved inside, The hall was empty,  Nobody had come over. Jessica smirked seeing the empty hall.
” This hall is very scary. ” Eliza said.
” Do you feel scared when I am with you?” Liyan tried to flirt with her.
“No.” Eliza blushed.
” Let’s sit on the first row,” Jessica said.
” No, There is no light,”Eliza said.
” Do you need the light when I am with you? ” Liyan smirked looking at Eliza.
” No.” Eliza blushed again.
” Dark is black, And black is my favourite.” Jessica murmured under her breath.
They occupied in the first row.
‘ I love dark,
Dark is black,
Red and black is the best of best
Red is blood
Sometimes I love blood.’  Jessica sang.
” Stop it, Don’t sing any blood song, I am scared.” Eliza said.
” Ok, I stopped the blood song,  What if I show you the real blood? ” Jessica asked as she bit her finger tightly, And blood started to drip on the floor.
” What’s Wrong with you?” Liyan shouted, shocked.
Suddenly party hall lights lightened with some noises, Soon party hall was crowded with the people.
” What happened to you?” Liyan broke the awkward silence as he washed his hands after the dinner.
” Nothing, Jessica answered.
” No, There is something, Tell me.” He demanded her.
” Today is my last moon night,” Jessica said.
” What?” Liyan widened his eyes.
” What’s up, guys?” Eliza asked as she entered the washroom.
” I need to drink water., Jessica said and she walked out of the washroom.
” Wait, I am also coming.” Liyan ran behind Jessica.
Eliza made a whats-wrong-with-you-both face.
” Tell me, what’s that last moon night?” Liyan asked, confused.
” Do you love Eliza? ” Jessica asked.
” Answer me, first,” Liyan said angrily.
” Answer me, first,” Jessica said softly.
” Yes, I do, ” He said.
“I love you.” She whispered to him.
” What?” he bewildered.
” Its been just 3 months for your love story with Eliza. But I am in love with you since 6th std. She easily snatched you from me,  Whenever I see her, I feel to drink her blood.” Jessica pressed her lips as she tried hard to compose herself.
” Let’s go from here,” Liyan said as he held her hand and dragged out.
” Eliza,  We are going,  Do you want to join us? ” Liyan phoned Eliza and asked her.
” Why so soon? The Real Party is yet to start, There are dance, games and many things.” Eliza tried to stop them.
” No, we are leaving, ” Liyan said curtly.
” Ok, You both go, I will come later,” Eliza said.
     Liyan drove the car much faster than his usual fast-driving. He stopped the car in an isolated area. The moon was clearly visible at the sky.
” Now,  tell me, what’s your problem?” Liyan asked. They both are standing under the bright moon.
” Why did you propose to Eliza? I was very close to you always. I was the one who always did your home works and assignments. Then why did you propose to her? ” Jessica asked,  her eyes swimming in tears.
” I always loved you as a friend. But…” He searched for the words.
“But I wanted to be your girlfriend.”She screamed and let her tears to flow down.
” Please stop crying, I am sorry. I did not know.” He said as he embraced her in a hug.
Suddenly she collapsed in his hands.
” If it’s my last moon night, who will do your homework and assignments?  I don’t think your girlfriend will do, In fact, nobody will care you as I did, And nobody will love you as I did.” She paused as she coughed vigorously.
” What did you do? I will take you to the hospital,  I will do anything as you say, Whatever you say, Please don’t leave me and go. “Liyan cried as he scooped her in his arms and put her inside his car. His tears were flowing down.
“I tried hard to be normal when you proposed to Eliza, tried my best to be friends with you both, But each time I was dying inside whenever I see you both together, I don’t want to die inch by inch, Instead I preferred to die with a bottle of poison with a single gulp.” She said with a smile.
” At least you could have confessed to me once or at least with some hint.” He whined as he drove the car.
” I love you, your face is so bright like a moon, I never wanted my bright moon to be a sad and sulky moon. ” Her voice choked as she took her last breath.
She invited her death,
She enjoyed her last moon to the fullest,
She chose the easy way
Easiest way anyone can do
 but a wise person will never choose
Always a reason for suicide is not even worthy of the Rs1 coin. 
But still, the people end their multi-crore-worth life. 
They lack in only one thing – fight against the odds.
Every human fight in the world, But they embrace their fight because they love their life.