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Short stories

How to prove my love



” I can’t live without you,” Jessica said in her choked voice to Punit.
“Sorry, I can’t go against my parents, ” He said curtly and ended the call.
She called again and again. But no answer.
She continued her message barrage, one by one.

Days passed,
He stopped taking her calls and responding to her messages. But it didn’t deter her.
Lately, her condition has moved from desperate to full-on pathetic.
” What should I do to prove my love?” She sent him.
“Don’t message for 3 days.” He replied.
“Ok sweetheart,” she replied.

After 3 days,
” Are you happy now? ” Jessica messaged him.
” Ok, You proved that you love me, Thank you. Bye ”  He replied.
She could not comprehend his message.
” So?” She sent again, But no response.
Every day she messaged him and reminded him of various things they did together.

One month passed,
” How can I prove my love?” She asked again.
” Don’t message for 3 weeks” He responded.
She was hurt.
” Ok sweetheart”, She replied. And stopped messaging him.

Exactly after 3 weeks,
She messaged him again ” Are you happy now ?”
” Ok, You proved that you love me, Thank you. Bye ” He gave her the same reply. She was disappointed but continued her message barrage.

As weeks went by, she became disappointed. Every single minute of the day, she kept on waiting for his text or call. Wherever she went, whatever she does,  her phone wouldn’t leave her side. It was so frustrating… waiting for nothing

” How can I prove my love?” She asked again.
” Don’t message for 3 months ” He replied. She was hurt, her eyes swam in tears.
” Ok sweetheart” She patiently replied.

After 3 months,
” Do I need to stop messaging you for 3 more years to prove my love? ” She sent him.
” No” He replied.
” Then what else should I do to prove my love?
She asked.
” Marry me ” He sent her with a ring emoji.
Her breath caught as she read his message,
her heart overwhelmed, her hands trembled to type back.
” Yes, ” She replied, a couple with heart emoji also added.
” I won’t fight with you anymore, ” she sent.
” Hope so, I really hate constant fights over silly things.
I am all yours, So don’t be over possessive.
Now you perfected the art of patience also”
He sent with a smiley.
” Yes, Thank you for teaching me the patience. I understand my mistake, I am sorry” Jessica replied.
Now The Jessica who was well known for her impatience, Over-possessive and constant verbal fighting is all set to marry her boyfriend Punit who hates verbal fighting.


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