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Life advice from parents



Haira is ready to pen down a new chapter of her life –  Independent life. She packed all her stuffs and ready to go to new city to explore more. On the way to railway station with her family by a car,
Haira:  Dad, do you want to give any life advice to me as i am going to be far away from home for the first time?
Dad:  Yes , i will give you 3 life hacks
1.Breathe for yourself not the world. Live to impress yourself each day by learning something new.
2.Stay calm most of the time, every time. Use your anger to chase your dreams. Being angry on others has never helped anyone nor it ever will.
3.Get uncomfortable with being comfortable as Comfort zone has killed many possibilities than you can think
Haira: Mom , your turn.
Mom: I will also provide 3 life hacks
  1. Go to bed early, wake up early.
  2. Eat balanced and healthy food and avoid junk food.
  3. When you live your life in your own way, make sure your activities does not hurt anyone.
Haira: Brother, your turn
Brother: Put your vehicle keys inside the shoe, So that you no need to rush to your flat once you step out.
They all laughed.
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1 Comment

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