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Short stories

Express your love before it’s too late



Today is Thameena’s 40th marriage anniversary. she had cut the ‘happy’ part of cake into pieces, expecting everyone to come and feed her, but everyone filled their stomach with pieces of ‘happy’ part from’ Happy anniversary’, including her husband.

For the last 10 years, her wedding anniversary is always celebrated by her children. Earlier it was the just the usual day.

” You both will be here just for 30 minutes until we finish our dinner preparation, ” Youngest daughter winked at her parents and closed the door, leaving them inside the room, locked.

Thameena is sitting beside her husband from whom she never heard any compliment for her looks and dressing.
He is the same person who had planted ‘ self-doubt’ seed on her body which always prompt her to think ‘ am I beautiful, am I romantic? am I good in the bed? am I a good kisser? ‘ etc. Because she never experienced long-passionate-steamy kisses, indefinite-heart-melting hugs and silent-love-stares. In her life ‘marriage intimacy’ were just 2 words with always space in between.

She gathered her courage and asked him
” Why you never expressed your love verbally or by action?”

He looked into her eyes ” We have many mango trees in our backyard. We eat daily, we never tell whether it looks good or bad. But when some outsider visits our home, we will list the features of mangoes.
Here my mango is not finished yet, I am still eating my mango, It’s very tasty, it makes my heart warm.”

She liked his indirect compliment.

” There were not enough mangoes on the later stage, If you watered regularly and fertilized with organic compounds, it would have given you more fruits. And also it would have been a new source of income which will lead to more happiness and peace” Thameena said, emphasizing ‘more’.

He remained silent.

“The woman is a reflection of her man” She added.
” The man is also a reflection of his woman” He whispered to her.

The silence caressed the atmosphere. They both felt guilty for not expressing love to each other to experience heavenly life in their young life.

They finished their dinner, Still awkward silence lingered in the air.

Thameena wrote in her diary.
‘ I decided to dig out a buried piece of romance from my heart and use it with no expectation. My husband will see a love-stuck-part of me before its too late’.

Next day,
“Good morning dear, I made your favourite breakfast today, Let’s have together,” Thameena said.
She called him again,
But he did not utter a word, did not move an inch.
Soon she realised it was too late for her to express her love for him.
Moral: Don’t ever expect the love from your husband, Instead give more and more to the extent your husband will melt in your love.
The pure love has the magical power to convert Hell-Marriage to Heavenly-Marriage.
Use it wisely.

Wrinkles and grey hairs had won
the battle of old-age,
now happily settled on my body.
But My heart is still thirsty for love,
thirsty for passionate filmy-kiss,
thirsty for long, tight hug,
thirsty for intense-long-stare,
My heart is so fond of holding impossible-expectation from my husband.
Where my mind advice to use the easiest weapon – Give and Take.
But my heart won the battle.
Here I am standing as an inexperienced,
with LKG certificate from LOVE school,
ready to go to my grave, But very very thirsty!!!.



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