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Short stories




“Dad, I want to do my own business.”, Anwar said to his dad.

“You are not capable of doing your own business, you need to learn more,” Dad said in frustration because this is the third time Anwar is approaching his dad with the same requirement.

“I am sure I can make it,” Anwar uttered with aplomb.

“Then who is going to stop you? You can start your business.”


“When I started my business, my dad didn’t give me a single penny, in the same way, you can start your own business but I won’t give you a single penny.”

Anwar began to fizzle from his dad’s ultimate decision.

But he had plan B – Convince mom to convince dad.

“Mom, dad is getting older faster than you, even his thinking also,” Anwar said as he helped his mom in the kitchen to cut onions.

“Why?” Mom asked.

“He thinks that the younger generation is too inexperienced to have their own point of view and start their own business.”

“Even I too have the same view, get experience first and then start a business, because when you have missteps in your business, the experience will come in handy.”

“In one word, you won’t speak for me with dad, right?” Anwar asked, tears streaming down his cheeks after chopping 3 onions.

     His mom took the chopped onions and put it on the pan and started to saute.

    But Anwar had a plan C- Convince his grandpa to convince his parents.


“Grandpa, you are my last hope, please convince mom and dad, I want to start my own business, they will certainly listen to you.” He said in a gulp.

”30 years ago, your dad had come to me with the same requirement, he wanted to start his own business, but I said to start whatever he wants but only with his own money. So do you think I can speak to your dad for your business?” Grandpa snickered softly.

“So you are my enemy.” Anwar rebuked him with a giggle.

Then Anwar was forced to go with his plan D – search for a job.


After 2 years

“Dad, I am going to start my own business.”

“All the best.”

“Won’t you ask what is the business about I am into?”

“I trust you, whatever business you are going to start, will take you to your destination.”

“Thank you, dad.”

“And this is for you.” He extended a cheque to Anwar.

“This is a very huge amount, I no need it now, I have my own money.”

“It’s ok, let it be with you, you can use it if you face any miserable fiasco in the future.”

Message: Show your capability to your parents, make them trust your abilities by proving you have that potential.

Starting a business is easy,
But Path will be greasy,
Breezy rides would squeeze you,
You may feel queasy,
People would tease you,
You may go crazy,
Turn you to a sleazy,
Sometimes lazy,
Imagining your hazy future.