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Brutal truth behind an invisible girl



Samaira is more reserved and quiet in the office, She has been labelled as boring by her colleagues. She always avoids large groups and parties because she finds herself as a balloon hanging on the wall, Would burst at any time because of pressure and air density, sometimes it pops unexpectedly if the people are nearby.

She has a hardcore crush on the top performer of her team who is exceptionally handsome.

She enjoyed her feeling, without ever having to act on it. She always looked for an opportunity to speak and be close to him.

But she was always invisible to him. Once in a week, he might utter some words to her such as ‘please pass the file’. But it would be enough for her to pass entire week.

One day, He sat beside her and initiated the conversation.
” I think we spoke very rarely, once in a moon” He laughed.
She melted in his laughter.
” Anyways I got a transfer, today is my last day.” He paused.
” my marriage is on next Sunday, You have to come with your family” He gave her an invitation card.

She screamed very loudly, but it stopped at her throat just like how her tongue would cheat her while trying to speak to him.

Her hands trembled, Her knees wobbled.
She tried to run from there, but her legs did not support her.
She felt her own body parts also does not love her.

A few months later,

She is working in the same company and continued staring, watching, wondering if all the daydreaming could be real with her new crush who looks exactly the same as her ex-crush.

One day she gained the courage to confess to him, but it was as hard as the public speaking. She rehearsed the conversation to connect with him, But she was invisible to him. In fact, she was invisible to everyone in the office.

One day he brought his girlfriend to the office and introduced to everyone.

She kept this crush also as a secret between she, herself, and her.

Soon her crush faded, soon might be longer than expected.

Months flew with big changes in her.
She has got a promotion with a salary increment.
She gave her a complete makeover from village girl to city girl.
She worked on her body language, Skilled the art of communication, Shopped appropriate clothes and confidence slowly got implanted in heart and mind.

The result was very simple: The invisible girl was visible to everyone.

In this world, 50% of people are invisible to others, but they desperately thrive for attention. 70% of people want to be like someone who is smart. But they believe they can’t be smart. Tiny steps you take will decide about your appearance and life. Work on yourself. And witness the result. Your appearance is always the first impression, But the charisma and genuineness in you will make the people decide to be around you or not.

Outer beauty pleases the eye and Inner beauty captivates the heart. A wise human works on both.


I counted the gazes
staring at me,
12345.., It’s countless
I peeped into my confidence,
It’s waving at me.

I transformed myself from nano car to BMW.
Now I am visible to the people around me.
I reborn again with help of makeover.
But earlier,
I counted the gazes
looking at me,
0…It’s countable.
I peeped into my confidence
It’s sleeping, a deep sleep.


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