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30 Days Fitness Challenge



Hana and her 9 kitty friends decided to introduce exercise into their life – 30 days fitness challenge. All ladies were around 35-40 years old. Over wieght was their main problem.

” First Rule : Don’t try to finish kids food” Hana said.
” Always my stomach will act as dustbin to consume all the leftover food in my house” Anjali complained.
” Tomorrow all have to be in the park at 7:30 am” Hana ordered.
“Yes” All ladies said simultaneously.
” Our workouts should be as important as we are sending our children to school. Holiday only on sick days, okay?” Hana hollered in motivating tone.

“Okay” All ladies hollered and gave a thumbs up to hana.

They created a whatsapp group and named it as ’30-day fitness challenge’.

Kitty ladies are always known for their punctuality. All gathered in the park at 7:30 am and started their DAY 1 workouts.

Hana was 69 kg, Her height was 180 cm. Her ideal weight supposed to be 60 kg According to

Now she is aimed to shed 9 kg.
She has lower back pain.
“Dropping a few pounds can help relieve back pain, especially if you carry weight in your tummy area” This is what doctor said when she consulted him in last week.
When she told her doctor about 30- day fitness challenge , He recommended not to do some exercise as it will be harmful to her back pain.

They took baby step in ’30 days fitness challenge’.
1.Their day started and ended with green tea / lemon juice without sugar.

2. They replaced lazy walking with speed walking while doing house chores.
They started to keep track of every step they’ve taken with help of step tracker app.

2. They downloaded ‘ Loose weight in 30 days’ App. In the app, Each day features about 10-minute workout with full guidance how to do the exercise including the video and gif.
This app had included meal planner also.  Some ladies decided to stick to the meal planner that suggested them what to eat for breakfast,lunch and dinner.

If they take any other meals than mentioned in the app, they would calculate the calories of food using healthifyme app.

7 days finished.
“I got some guests at home, they will be here for 10 days. So I quit.” Anudha said.
” Even I also got my brother’s marriage function and I quit” Sheela said.

But remaining 8 ladies continued their workouts regularly.
2 Weeks finished.
” I don’t see any result in my body, I am thinking to quit”  Mona said.
” If you are not coming, I also quit” Laila said.

But remaining 6 ladies continued.

Hana’s daughter met with an accident, Hana was forced to resign from her job since her 4 years old daughter needed her much time and the company was not ready to sanction the leave.
But Hana always made herself free at 7:30 am for workouts.

30 days finished.
But only 3 ladies completed the challenge.

After 30 days, they could not see much difference in their weight, but they could do more than they did before. But sad part is  the ladies whose gaze was confident, now ended up in sad look crossing their features.

” We are new to exercise, I am sure it will surely show the result if we continue for one more month,  It will work like a charm for people who have already been exercising” Hana said to cheer them up.

“Anyway you people continue, if I saw the relsult,I will start”  Radhika said with sad expression.
Other two ladies also joined radhika, leaving hana alone.

But hana had put her heart and soul into winning the challenge.

She repeated the same exercise.

One more month finished.

She lost 3 kg.

She again continued her exercise
She never wanted to give up, instead she challenged herself to get her heart rate higher and increase fitness level.

One more month finished

She lost 3.6 kg.
She pushed herself as hard as possible.
One more month finished.
And this time she lost 4.9 kg
After 4 months,
Finally She lost 10.5 kgs in 4 months with 10 -15 minutes workouts, diet and fast walking.

Hana felt great, healthier, and definitly much skinnier.

She started to work as freelance personal trainer, And her kitty friends were her first clients.

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