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Eshana’s gifted talent and unexpected life-turns



“I am working as a lecturer for Final year Telecommunication Engineering.” Eshana’s eyes shone brightly in excitement. 

“Lecturer? I always thought you would be a Rockstar Eshu, you were into art and creativity in school, indeed a popular artist!” Her school friend, Zita’s expression showed disappointment.

“It’s still in the left corner of my heart, locked. As of now I’m a Rockstar lecturer!” Eshana chuckled.

“Being a fresh graduate, teaching for final year students, is a big thing.”  Zita appreciated.

       After college studies, Eshana Ebrahim had wished to travel, wanted to move out to a metro city, be independent and live on her own . She knew there are much more to learn in life outside her house and books. But she couldn’t convince this to her near ones.

“Ma’am, I don’t want to be an engineer, I think my heart is into film direction , I’m very fond of movies.” A student expressed in a firm voice to Eshana.

“I wish to become a journalist.” Another student said.

“Even I realised my dream after joining the engineering course,  but it’s late now.” other one sulked.

“Listen, if you really need something you will find time for it ! And It’s ok to be late to understand what you want but when you finally realise your true dream, don’t compromise it for anything else” Eshana said in her modulated, courteous voice.

    When she said those words to her students, a question automatically shot her heart, ‘Do I follow my dream?’  This single thought made her quit the job and listen to her gut feeling.


     She wanted to know herself, make her own identity before settling for anything.  The pressure from marriage proposals increased day by day, but she was adamant on her decision. It took almost 2 years for her to get a ‘yes’ from her family to chase her dream.

In Bangalore,
“My wallet is almost empty now, and I don’t know how I will manage in this new city if I don’t find a job soon.” Eshana admitted, trying to compose herself.

“It’s tough, and also many are in search of a job here, throw a stone and surely it would either hit a dog or an engineer! ” Her best friend, Zita said, a loud laugh escaped from her mouth. Eshana stared at the hope-giving-blue sky as she took the last piece of Vada pav. 

Luckily, within a week Eshana got a job in an IT firm.

     In a few months, Eshana was leading a team of 15 members. She was happier, she found a new version of herself in the new city.
But her life’s green signal turned to red after a year when her company went through a financial crisis.

“OMG! we won’t get salary in this month also.”  Her colleague grumbled.

“It’s been 4 months, we are working here with no salary. Ufff! Last month I paid the rent with my painting earnings.” Eshana said.

     Meantime, she had started to paint to get some relief from her stresses due to office issues. For her last birthday, Zita had gifted a canvas, which was kept in wardrobe, unused.  It was years after school she started to paint again.When she finished her first painting on canvas, the experience was indescribable, soon  painting had become her daily addiction.

“Didn’t you sleep yet?” her roommate, Sitara asked shockingly seeing Eshana painting at 4:00 AM when she reached room after her night duty.
It had been a routine to Eshana to paint till 4 o’clock in the morning, after her office hours at 6:00 PM.

“I am going to sleep now, it’s almost finished.”

“Wah, it’s just awesome. Your painting skill has improved much better.”

“A lot of techniques can be learned from online drawing videos, it’s really helpful for self-learners. And you see, there is a kind of bliss in expressing myself through the art. I can create paintings for the whole day and never get tired of it!! I want to learn more and more, I think life has chosen me for this.”

“Yes, also you are earning enough from this. I think you should dedicate full time for this.” Sitara advised.

    Eshana decided to be a full-time artist, soon her small room was filled with her paintings.
 She realised one thing that every bad experience will lead to some good things if we are ready to fight with our situation until we make it to the way we want.
After a year,
      She conducted her first solo exhibition with 31 paintings in Art Gallery, Kannur (her hometown).
It was a success, she was overwhelmed when she received lots of appreciation from her family, friends and neighbours. It was indeed a proud moment. People got inspired by her and few of them decided to follow their passion .

     Her paintings were of feminism and subjects of social concern. One of her recent painting is even documented on the flood research by the Kerala Council of Historical Research.

       Eshana, who dreamt to create some positive vibes around the world through her painting, is still waiting for bigger things to happen in her life.

     Her simple message is : Dare to dream, act upon your gut feeling, take risks! You may fall in your journey, don’t be scared, it’s okay to fall sometimes in your life because it will lead you to your true purpose.


She wished to explore,
she wanted to open the door of freedom,
There was a huge war on the way,
But she did not run away,
Her passion could not stay away,
She caught it with both hands one day.