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Pippary Peppary Boo



     Princess Alina is a very pretty girl, Everyone used to address her as ‘Princess’ while her parents and friends used to call her as ‘ Alina’.
    She wanted to change her name to ‘ Mishel’ as she got inspired by a cartoon character. She said to her mom about it, But her mom refused. Then she went to her dad, Her dad also refused.
    One day she was sitting sadly in the class, Her friends approached her and asked
“Alina, What’s the matter? Why are you sad?”
” I want to change my name to Mishel,” Alina said sadly. Her friends also felt seeing Alina’s sad face.
     When Alina was on the way to home, She met a magician.
“Why are you sad?” Magician asked her.
“I want to change my name to Mishel, But nobody agrees to this,” Alina said sadly.
“Oh dear, Don’t worry, I will give you a magic coin, You  need to hold the coin and say ‘pippary peppery boo’ three times followed by your wish.” The magician said as he handed over the coin to Alina.
      Alina was very happy as she got the magic coin. She immediately held the coin in her hand and said
“Pippary peppery boo
Pippary Peppery boo
Pippary peppery boo
Please change my name to Mishel”
    As she reached home, her parents approached her and said
“Mishel, Your name is Mishel from today onwards.”
My 5 year old daughter narrated this story theme to me when I told I want to write kids stories, And I gave a structure to her story.