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Bobby and fishes



“Mom, I want to go for fishing,” Bobby said to his mom.

“No, not today.” Mom replied.

“I want to go today itself.” Bobby’s face was stubbornly dry.

“You can go only if your dad accompanies you.” Mom uttered.

Bobby approached his dad,
“Will you come with me for fishing, please.”

“Okay, let’s go.” Dad rejoiced the little heart.


After fishing, Bobby started to count the number of fishes he caught- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

     He was happy seeing all the fishes alive.

“Wah, today we have got bigger fishes to fry for lunch.” his dad laughed delightedly. Bobby looked at his dad with a sad expression.

“I will take bath and come, you stay here only.” dad said.

“Dad, If we could not return home alive, what will mom do?” Bobby asked.

“She will break down and cry her heart out. We are her family, and she can’t lead a happy life without her family. So she will always wait for her family members. ”
“So we have to return home safely, right?”Bobby’s innocent eyes shone brightly. 

“Yes,” dad patted Bobby’s shoulder and strode to the river.

After the bath, when dad returned, he could not find a single fish.

“Where are the fishes?” dad raised an eyebrow, shocked.

“I sent them back, their family would be waiting for them.” Bobby’s face split into a wonderful smile, a wide happy smile.

Dad stared down at the Bobby for a few minutes, and then a smile hovered around the edges of his broad lips thinking about Bobby’s innocent action.

Moral: Family is the most important thing on the earth and they will always wait for the family member’s safe return every day.

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