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Dramatic blackmail sisters and brothers do!



     Aylin and Zaan are twins who fight like cats and dogs each and every day, even at small-small things. Remote fighting will never ever end.

“Zaan, give me the remote. it’s my time.” His twin sister, Aylin demanded.

“No, My match is not over yet.” Zaan continued, enjoying his match.

“Your time is over, I am going to count till 5 and remote should be in my palms – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.” She twisted her face in furious.

“You won’t get remote, that’s final.”
“Okay, I am not going to write your assignment.” She used her common weapon- Emotional blackmail.

“No need.” he shrugged his shoulder.

“Mom asked about the cigarette bud she got from the balcony, and now I am planning to tell the truth to mom.” She stabbed Zaan’s fear.

“No… take your remote.” Zaan rolled his eyes with a mixed emotion of fear and anger.


“Please, could you help with my assignment?” Zaan requested to Aylin.

“Yesterday you rejected my offer, so I don’t want.”

“No, ..”
” No.”

” Are you sure?


“Where did you go on last Sunday? I am planning to tell the truth to Dad with the proof.” Zaan smirked.

“Tomorrow morning, your assignment will be ready.” Aylin smiled at the turn the conversation had taken.

    Peeping into each other’s life and grabbing some secrets to use as defend-weapon at the right time is common in Aylin’s and Zaan’s life.

     They both fight for ‘n’ number of things, but when it comes for caring and protecting then they both will be there for each other.



He teases me,
I tease him,
The war is always on,
With no core-reason,
In all the season,
We taunt each other,
But when  an outsider comes in between,
We are one,
With a gun to the outsider,
In the speed of bike rider,
To chase that spider,
Because I love my brother,
And he loves his sister.
We are one,
Like he the sun,
In all the season.