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A promise | The Yard Dubai | The Promise Bridge



   A thrill of happiness touched my heart as my eyes shifted from the lake to lover’s promise bridge.

“Let’s seal our love,” Dad said to mom, and then they clipped the padlock with their name on it, to the promise-bridge of the Yard which opened on 28-1-2018, by Meraas group.

“I pledge I will love only my wife till my last breath.” Dad pledged, looking into mom’s eyes,   and they threw the key to the lake.

“Since when our parents became so romantic?” I asked to Zaan in a whisper.

“Even I wonder, Aylin. ” Zaan replied as he snapped their picture on his mobile.

“Dad,From where you got the padlock?” Zaan enquired.

“I bought that from kiosks, just AED 10.”

“I am planning to come here with Maady,  we will seal our love in a lock.” Zaan whispered in my ear.

“Are you mad to come with her here?” My anger voice raised, ” This is promise bridge, only for true love, not for fake love.” I hated his new girlfriend, Maady, my enemy in the class.

“Shut up.” He too barked angrily.
  As we walked through bridge, passing thousand of named-padlocks, the romantic-wind echoing around my both ear.

  We stepped onto the second bridge, that bridge too had n number of padlocks.

“Nowadays Love bridges are very popular, there is one famous bridge in Paris right, What’s its name?I forgot” Dad scratched his head, searching for the word.

“Famous Pont des Arts.” I completed his sentence.

  The highlight of the yard is a lake with two promise bridges. But also, this beautiful yard comprised a rustic courtyard, an organic farmer’s market, bakery, restaurants and unique mix of shops,

“Take my pic with this amazing mural, perfect instagrammable artwork, I love this puppy art.” I said to Zaan, amazed by the big art wall on the walkway.

“Let’s have some food, I am hungry.” Some random smell woke my stomach and made my mouth to water. We headed to food trucks. There were n number of food trucks.
We enjoyed open-air dining.


“What did you wish for? “I asked to Zaan as I put a coin to wishing well.

“To have a long lasting relationship with Maady.” He grinned, “What about you?”

“I wished to have a huge fight between you and Maady, and end in a breakup,” I smirked.

Suddenly his face turned to monstrous anger.

I laughed, “Let’s see whose wish gonna be accepted first.


Love birds pledge,
On the promise-bridge,
At the edge of  the yard lake,
Not to shake,
Not to break,
Not to ache,
Each other’s heart
For anyone’s sake,
They promise to wake,
Every day with a new take,
To strengthen their love,
They locked their love,
And set the lover’s name all names above.