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Shaifa Shakeel

She had started her career journey with an online store, which taught her the meaning of 'entrepreneurship'. Her degree certificate in computer science of engineering, had made her to travel through the steps which matched up with her education. On that way, she had worn the shoes of a web developer, android app developer and entrepreneur. She had been gifted with both the failure and success at the end. But everywhere some skill sets were added to her shoulder which she embraced happily and got improved with each year. And she was on the run to find her passion, true passion. But the passion gripped her very tightly and stole her entire time. The result had came out in the form of books (Available on Amazon) and, and also 2 movies are on a roll. Now she is an author, movie script writer, poet and blogger. Facebook page [shaifashakeel99] Instagram[_shaifashakeel] Wattpad [shaifashakeel] Twitter[shakeel_shaifa] Her first book: One lie is not injurious to health (A thriller Novel). Second book: Why me ( A thriller story in a poetry style).